Retro Jordans

Retro Jordans® are athletic shoes manufactured by Nike as part of its popular Air Jordan® line. The shoes are endorsed by and named after former basketball star Michael Jordan, whose nickname on the court was Air Jordan. The line has gone through many designs since its debut in 1985. When popular designs from the past are revived, they are called Retro Jordans® or simply Retros. The word retro is a neologism meaning from the past. In the early 1980s, the shoe manufacturer Nike sought the endorsement of Jordan, then a rising star on the Chicago Bulls basketball team. As Jordan’s fame increased, the shoes bearing his name became popular items in America and around the world. New designs were launched each year, many of them created by designer Tinker Hatfield. Filmmaker Spike Lee, a basketball fan, contributed a series of popular TV commercials to promote the line. By 2010, more than two dozen distinct designs had been added to the Air Jordan® line, which had been spun off from Nike into a separate corporate brand.
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